Against the world in PAYDAY 2

If you are a criminal category enthusiasts, tired of the old theme that always become justice partners to save the world,and also like playing the game with many people online.Then I believe, PAYDAY 2 is your best choose.

When I first saw the clown masks, mind will emerge plot that clown led to hire staff together to rob the bank in the movie "The Dark Knight". Have to mention, one to the crime scene, BGM will appear very deep, but it is very compact, like many points sound in constant under low tempo, like a person's heart beat in constant tension.

There are changeable robbery theme, you not only robbed the store, you can escape from the  prison, also can rob arsenal,and  steal treasures. The voice of the vault door be blasted , be controled of the hostages, the police constantly rushed in, all thing let a person feel you are against the world.

People who like playing games with friends online don’t miss the game. When you work together with your friends to study the route, stealing treasure. When you fought together with your friends, finding way out to help company managed to escape from prison. You'll think it's all worth it.

Just like the most people cooperation game, the playability of PAYDAY 2 depends on who you play with. You will experience a challenging battle when everyone changes from a rookie to an elite. Fight with friends,become a reliable teammate.