Battlefield V come to the second world war

According to foreign media reports,  the new work of EA Battlefield series named Battlefield V, the background of the game is set for world war II.

At the same time, foregin media has also revealed a picture of the game that appears to be from the battlefield, display the game name “Battlefield V”, and“dev build” indicates the development version. It is said that the work was originally called "battlefield 2" by the development team, because already had Battlefield 1 in the context of world war I before it and Battlefield 1 was well prepared for the story come to world war II.

So far, EA has not responded.

Battlefield 1 was released on 2016, is the first person shooting game set in the first world war. The game include multiplayer mode, players can choose between assault, support, health care and reconnaissance of four types of soldiers, cooperate to carry out team fighting.

Although our understanding of Battlefield V is just the tip of the iceberg, but with the development of the time, we finally will know more information. Now, you can buy Battlefield 1 Standard Edition XBOX ONE Digital Code or Battlefield 1 Origin CD Key on Nokeys.