Black Ops III has already begun

Black Ops III  is an action game which support 4  people cooperation. Black action III took place in 2065, 40 years after the black action II ,with a world facing climate change and new technological upheaval. Similar to previously, The story follows a group of black soldiers.Players can customize the appearance and clothing of the characters,use different weapons and equipment in the game. Beyond that, the game has"realistic" difficulty mode, if hit by a bullet, the player will be defeated. After all the combat mission have been completed, the "nightmare" mode will unlock. In here, players will fight zombies.

We all know everyone comes to here for the multiplayer, and Black Ops for the Zombies.  Treyarch have outdone themselves. Building on the changes Sledgehammer made to the movement in Advanced Warfare, Treyarch add in some other perks to not only bring Black Ops III in line with last year’s title, but surpassing it. 

This game provides some really cool moments, including a Tactical View mode that highlights enemies that your AI teammates can see. It’s essentially Batman’s “Detective Mode” but with added death. Black Ops II introduced drones into the franchise, and Black Ops III takes it one step further, bringing full on autonomous robots into the fold.

The maps are nicely designed as well, with a lot of areas designed for close quarters combat as well as the distance-focused battlegrounds. However, you maybe encounter the kinds of people who think sniper rifles are best used as pistols, and vice versa. If you are unlucky enough to meet such a teammate, you  can only ask god for help.

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