Cities in Motion

If you've ever been annoyed at public transport, it's fit for you. See if you can do better or worse.

It's one thing to build a city, but another thing entirely to manage it. Games like SimCity are high-level simulations that let you build services like trains and bus stops and then forget about them, trusting their operation to whatever imaginary middle-managers you have. Cities in Motion is the game for them, a simulation entirely concerned with developing and managing transit systems. And while that might not sound like the most thrilling thing in the world, it's presented in such a relaxing, charming way that it's hard not to find joy in.

Cities in motion is a simulator game where you can be the one to work out the public transport of a city. Sounds easy enough, just some bus lines here and there. A tram line on this road here, and everything is connected.

As for the technical details, it's surprisingly good. Every citizen appears to be modeled, and you can follow them through their morning commute, shopping trips, and visits to others. And this is all supported by the game mechanics, you can set a citizen as interesting person, and the game will show you a portrait of him where he goes.

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