Fight For Honor

In For Honor, players can play as a character from three different factions, namely The Blackstone Legion Knights, The Chosen Samurai, and The Warborn Vikings. The three factions represent knights, samurai, and vikings, respectively. Every role has its own weapon, style, and personalized choice.

“For Honor “  the fourth season  “ order and chaos”  already land the full platform, it brings many new contents, includind 4V4 tributary mode, 2 new heroes, 2 extra maps and  new custom equipment. Tributary mode and new maps is free to all players.

Brand new team mode. Players will fight for three tributes scattered on the map, bnring them back to their own altar and protect them, they  will also get the team gain effect. It will makes players decide tactical choices to propitiate  tribute.Except for the new mode above, For Honor  will also continue to expand competitive game, the new rankings are coming soon.Gamers can compete with their friends for glory and rewards through online competition.

The new characters are the aramusha (for the Samurai faction) and the shaman (Vikings).They fill the vacancy of The Chosen Samurai and The Warborn Vikings. The aramusha will take advantage of opponent's mistakes to give the opponent an all-directional strike. The shaman is very fierce and very aggressive,they are the most strong warrior when start attack, just like wild animal jump on their enemy.

This will be a great time to be on the battlefield, choose the character what you like, start your honor trip.

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