Manage and grow your farm in Farming Simulator 17

Become a farmer, feed cows , cut down trees,and wander around the wheat fields. The tractor runs smoothly, the animals are grazing leisurely.Enjoy the blue skies and white clouds,experience the comfortable life. If it’s your yearning life, don’t miss Farming Simulator 17.

Farming Simulator 17: developed by Giants Software, invites you into the challenging world of a modern day farmer. Take on all the challenges of farming life, including animal husbandry, crops, sales, and woodcutting. You decide how you want to manage and grow your farm in a huge, open world!

As an extremely normal game, it’s worth admiring that developers can do it now. From 15 to 17, I think developers are really racking their brains trying to add something new to the game (like trains and hands). Of course, it’s not meaning that Farming Simulator 15 is bad. If you like simulation game, buying  Farming Simulator 15 GIANTS / PC Digital Download CD-KEY is not bad choose,especially the price is very cheap,it's worth considering.

Compared to Farming Simulator 15, Farming Simulator 17 modify the mission system. You can accept the tasks that other farmers have given you from other land in map. What you don't buy is no longer a wasteland, every ground will grow.If you don't buy the land, you will receive the task from the land, such as planting fertilizer. It improved  enjoyment of the game.

The game is more fit to the players who prefer simulation games.If you are, don’t hesitate. Now you can choose Farming Simulator 17 GIANTS / PC Digital Download CD-KEY or Farming Simulator 17 XBOX ONE / WINDOWS 10 Digital Code at Nokeys.