MotoGP 17 is waiting for you

If you’ve played a motorcycle game in the last decade, odds are it came from Italian-based developer Milestone S.r.l. Not only have they been producing annual MotoGP games for years, but they’re also the team behind MXGP and Ride. Last year’s excellent MotoGP entry was actually called Valentino Rossi: The Game, and focused on the 9-time world champion’s career. For MotoGP 17, Milestone is once again giving us a traditional motorcycle racing experience, complete with an all-new Managerial mode.

Managing your team up the ranks is a lot of fun. Reviewing race results and seeing your riders progress is satisfying, as is meeting bonus objectives sponsors give you. Plus there’s a real sense of weight to making significant decisions, such as switching sponsors or letting go under-performing riders. Moments like these really put your managerial skills to the test.

The biggest addition to MotoGP 17 comes in the form of the all-new Managerial Career mode. It’s essentially the racing game equivalent of Madden NFL and NHL‘s Franchise mode, enabling you to manage your own team. You’ll start by creating your own rider and choosing your preferred sponsor.

Compared to all their other games this one is brand spanking new. You can hear the engine internals and the air being sucked into the engine and everything, experience the thrill of MotoGP 17.