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As a  simple and understandable sandbox game, Portal Knights biggest feature is freedom, and add the setting of the portal, very attractive. Different regions have different kinds of monster plant material minerals, which can be upgraded or built a leisurely construction.

At the beginning of the game, the players will be able to select the players as swordsmen, archers, and wizard. In Portal Knight, in addition to a free and open build, there will also be characters attribute, character levels, and tree of talent, these all need to be upgraded. The individual talents of different professions will differ in the talent tree. No matter which profession you choose, you can also use other professional weapons and equipment in the game, just only the emphasis on career and equipment will be different.

In Portal Knight, you can build a variety of objects,like furniture, workbench, box, and door. Beyond that, the weapon of the character and the protective gear can also be made,but it need all kinds of materials, you must collect these materials from a variety of maps.

The overall picture of the game is quite comfortable, and the magic effect in the game is also cool, depending on the different clothes gear, the costumes of the characters will change. In operational aspects, automatically locking the combat perspective can make the player's combat process more comfortable, the  visual angle of character can also be converted to each other, the battle and mining are not be delayed , very comfortable.The sound effect is also praiseworthy. Clay blocks, ore blocks, wooden boards, trees, etc. All have different sound effects. Also, using empty hands and using tools to collect certain materials will have different sound effects. It makes the game more real.

If you like Minecraft, then don’t miss Portal Knights.