What is 7 Days to Die


You awaken, virtually naked, to a dangerous survival world inhabited by the living dead. In the default setting during the day the dead are George A. Romero zombies, slow but relentless. At night their abilities will be greatly improved, just like fast hunters, find and attack you as they can.

You have little to nothing on you. You only have a bottle of water, a bandage, and some food to start with. To live you must break down bits of the world for raw materials, craft, loot and club your way to fabricating a base, from which you can gain experience enough to build a facility that will last through the 7th night.If you don't want to build a base in the beginning, you can claim one of the many buildings and fortify it so it works as a home until you decide what you want.

This task won't be easy, with zombies added into the mix. Depending on your situation, the zombies might be little  trouble or an absolute nightmare to deal with. Every 7 days, a Zombie horde will come to attack you and destroy the precious progress you've made on your base, hence the name 7 Days to Die.

In addition to finding food and weapons,the construction is amazing. You can give full play to your imagination to create unique base.There are several materials, each with varying degrees of durability, structural integrity, and acquisition difficulty. Anything that can be placed can be rotated. Turn a ramp piece upside down for the lip of a wall (to stop those pesky spider zombies). Turn wooden planks vertical into a fence. Lay a ladder horizontally to make a walkway. Make some traps and escape outlet as you can.

7 Days to Die, how long can you insist?